God gives grace and favor freely.

Sometimes when we have fallen away from God we need to seek him to get back to him. We need to ask for him to make our crooked paths straight, and remove obstacles on the path that either we have created or the evil one has put in place. We need to show him we are seeking him, and he promises we shall find. Find what? We shall find him. We shall find grace. His favor and his grace are waiting for us, and come when we even feel we don’t deserve it. God always thinks you are deserving and gives you grace and favor whether or not you can see it or feel it. Asking for his grace to get back to him will make a path straight to him. God is with you no matter how flimsy your faith. He has lifted the veil that Jesus tore and he has promised that you will find when you seek him with all your heart. The thing is, you cannot see his grace with sin stained eyes…. that will cause you to complain and bemoan your state of affairs. It will cause you to see nothing but your problems. Pray for clarity and wisdom beyond your ability, and claim the richness in Christ that you’ve been promised. You can behold his grace without doing any of this however, because of God’s love you can see his sacred, supernatural provision. Sometimes we need to see it to believe it. Perhaps not with our natural eyes, but in our spirit – where Jesus dwells. You have been ransomed for his purposes. His purposes do not promise a life without pain, fear, or problems. His favor does provide the courage to meet every obstacle, Because he has overcome the world, you can rest assure that he made you to be victorious. Rest in that. Rest in him. Rest with him. Overcome the busyness by communing with the spirit on a daily basis and the promises of God will meet you wherever you are. God is love, and he wants you to feel loved. Man has fallen away and man has sinned, so your dependence cannot lie with them. Your dependence and whole being needs to be in God alone. Man will fail you, but God will redeem you and fill you with grace.

The thing is, we are the ones who have fallen away from God. God never leaves us nor forsakes us, and he loves us unconditionally.

Photography by Sabreena downloaded 060215

Photography by Sabreena downloaded 060215


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