So what is coaching anyway?

An actual definition does not usually start with what it is not, but life coaching is not consulting, therapy, counseling, or getting told what to do.

Life and business coaching is more than a profession because it entails a journey with each client.
Coaching is supportive, motivating, and intuitive.
I believe it’s a calling.

Coaching is about asking the hard questions to help you arrive at your own answers. Coaching is about facilitating change and interacting with limiting beliefs that you may have. Coaching is about challenging yourself and getting motivated, while receiving accountability in a loving way. Coaching is about inspiration and aspirations, as well as helping you uncover, discover, discard what is holding you back.

I want to empower you to delve into your inner wisdom by providing you the emotional means to get there. Sometimes one tweak in perception, one “Aha!” moment is all it takes.

Do you want to leap to the next level in your personal or business life? Do you want to be more effective in every task you take on? Do you want to achieve more with less effort?

There is no risk worth taking more than one that is taken for a happier you. Coaching is better experienced rather than explained. Feel free to call me to schedule a complimentary session at (832)207-2002.

Be it based around something as personal as relationships, parenting, or your love life – I can help you find what you seek. Or be it based around business needs because focus and priorities are obstacles for you, feel free to call.