About Me

My truth, my journey, my story…

Recovery has been important to me since 2007, and setting up a solid personal foundation through therapy, coaching, group, and individual work has been key. This self-reflective soul-searching work has given me insight into the frailty, beauty, strength and struggle of the human heart. Through many downward spirals of shame, fear, and self-doubt, I’ve walked through fire to get here. I was a victim of life at one time and felt that I was doomed to repeat generational behaviors. I decided to get help, and I have not stopped seeking it ever since. I know some of the dark places that people escape to because I lived there for so long.

​​​I am a big believer in personal transformations, and I have been helping people change their lives for the better for many years. During our coaching sessions, I am fully engaged and present with you as you encounter meaningful growth. The kind of growth I know from experience to be possible.

​I am a mother of a precious little girl and I’m married to my best friend, Lee. We’ve been together since 2008 and we have been on an amazing adventure. Originally from Texas, we are now located near Denver, Colorado.

Coaching is my true calling. I am eager to help you explore your inspirations and true purpose. With an intuitive coach by your side that has a strong spirit, there are no limits. Please visit me at http://www.patriciaalleycoaching.com for more information on what coaching is and to book your free hour session!



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